Eggs and more eggs!!!!!!

I am curious why people continue to sell eggs, bacon, bacon and eggs, wheat and corn at their Roadside Shop. I can harvest all the eggs, bacon, bacon and eggs, wheat and corn as I want….I am never wanting and I will never need to buy them. Greg and the locals buy my eggs, wheat and corn. Those of you who are selling these items are you making a lot of money? Or are those items just sitting in your shop?

Just eggs,  why are you selling eggs

Selling one item at a time
Instead of selling 10 apples for $396, sell them one at a time for $39 or in smaller quantities. I am more inclined to buy a item even at full price if they are in smaller quantities. No one wants or will buy 10 bacon and eggs for over $2000. 

The only reason
The only reason I can think of….why people continue to place eggs and bacon at high prices in the classifieds. If you place an add for (free or you pay for it) the add is connected to one of the items and once that item is sold your add is removed from the classifieds. So people are placing eggs and bacon at high prices and attaching the add to that item. No one will buy that item and because of that their classified add remains for the full three hours. It is also a double edged sword. When I open the classifieds and see nothing but bacon and eggs I close the classifieds and wait for something I really can buy.