You can repair the boat dock at Level 17 for 16,000 coins. Once it is repaired, boats will begin to stop at the dock, and you and other players are able to fill orders.

Boats remain at the dock for 16 hours. Once a boat order is completed, a player can choose to send the shipment out. If the dock is clicked on when no boat is present, the time remaining until the next boat comes will be displayed, as well as what the next shipment will require.

Completed boat orders are awarded a specified amount of experience points and a voucher. Vouchers are totally random and difficult boats don’t always have better vouchers.

If a boat has arrived and it is difficult to fill you can send the boat away empty. However you need to do this before you fill a single crate or ask for help on any crate. Once you have filled a crate or asked for help you have to either fill the boat or wait for the time to run out. If you send the boat away empty you will have to wait 4 hours before another will arriveTo send a boat away empty tap on the boat icon of the cargo list. It will ask you to confirm sending. Just confirm and away she goes.Sending a boat empty is really something worth considering when you have a boat needing sugar or dairy products. Not many neighbors are willing to help out with sugar as the quantities are often high and most can’t keep up with production for their own needs. Instead of having the boat sit on the dock the full time choose an easier boat.If you are trying to get the Captain III achievement you cannot send boats empty because you need to load 12 consecutive boats.


Boat orders will call for three or four crates each which require three to four items, depending on a players level. Filling a crate will be rewarded with a specified amount of coins and experience points. In order to receive the experience points and voucher for a shipment, every crate must be filled. If you only fill part of the shipment you will receive money and experience points for those crates filled, not the whole shipment.Crates can be be flagged with requests for help. When a another player comes to the farm, they will see a boat with an exclamation mark, denoting the player requires help filling crates. Once a crate has been flagged, any visiting player can fill it, including those who find the farm through the newspaper, followers, and friends. A player can fill his own crate, even if it has been flagged for help.
Boat Achievements
  • 3 boats for Capt I
  • 6 boats for Capt II
  • 12 boats for Captain III


The Captain achievement is for filling a certain amount of consecutive boats. As difficulty increases with leveling it is recommended to try to get this at lower levels. 

Captain III Award

Most players you will encounter here will highly recommend
getting your dock repaired as soon as you are able.  Don’t wait for any machines!  The longer you wait, the higher level you will be, therefore, you will have more higher-level items needed for your
IMPORTANT FACT #1: In order to achieve Captain III (as well as the first two awards,) you MUST fill ALL CRATES in all boats until the award is achieved.  You cannot let a boat sail without filling…or you’ll be starting over.
Your boats will WAIT for you to open your game.  In other words, if you know your boat is arriving at the dock in 4 hours, but you will be at work soon afterward, DON’T OPEN YOUR GAME!  Likewise, if you know your
boat will arrive 15 minutes before you go to sleep………DON’T OPEN YOUR GAME!  Let the game stay closed, because your boat will wait up-river until you do, even after its designated arrival
time.  You will have a set number of hours to completely fill all crates, and you don’t want to open your boat until you KNOW you’ll have some time to work on them.
We typically let any sugar, cream or syrup boats sail, without filling their crates.  Once you’ve hit your Captain III, you can (and should) do this, too.  Those items are always in demand to produce OTHER items, and while people will want to help you, it’s difficult to part with them.  Of course, there are always exceptions.


As you fill orders for your boat and others boats you will accumulate gold. Eventually you will accumulate enough gold for the Stevedore achievement


Help other people with their boats and fill a certain amount of crates.

Boat Score Hunter

Accumulate a certain number of boat points for the leader board. The boat points are represented with the icon of a ships wheel or helm.

Strategy Tips

  1. When the boat dock is first repaired, it is to a players advantage to complete every boat order, even if this requires purchasing items, as the Captain achievement requires the player to complete consecutive boats. Make filling crates a priority at this point, over truck orders or sales to non-player characters.
  2. Ask for help! It is very critical to have as many friends as possible to help you complete these orders. Add people even if you don’t know them to build up a good pool of friends.  
  3. Help others often. Your friends and followers will come to think of you as a “good friend” if they frequently see your avatar on their crates and they are more likely to check your farm for boat help frequently. 
  4. Change your farm’s name. It is helpful to put in your farm’s title that your boat needs help. If you can remember to change it back after, it is even more helpful to put the exact item you require in the title so that your friends don’t have to go to your boat to recall what item they want to help you with. 
  5. Get new boats early in the day. When you send a boat off, a new boat is coming in 4 hours…. or the next time you log in to your game. If you send a shipment off at night and can resist checking back in after 4 hours have elapsed, the boat will come in and the timer will start at your next login. To avoid having the timer tick overnight, don’t check in if it has been more than 4 hours since you sent off your last boat. 
  6. Prepare in advance. When you send a shipment off, check the dock to see what will be required for your next shipment. It is most advantageous to complete orders before you go to sleep and put the items you’ll require in your production queue overnight, if possible. You may also need to plant crops or set aside animal products to fill orders and knowing in advance will prevent selling these items in other ways.

Photo on the dock?

A question raided often is “What does it mean when a photo is on my leader board?”. Well the answer is that  someone just passed your boat score. 

41 thoughts on “Boat

  1. This is false. Boats open at level 17. Might want to edit that.

  2. Boat coming in….asking for …fish sandwich …juice….apples

    Fishing boat is not repaired and I have no juice machine.

    Why would the game ask for items u can not complete?

  3. Rewrote my email above….sorry had a cap instead of a little letter…..the bad thing with the boat thing…I don’t want to play now…..another question….do u always have ships coming in….what if u don’t want to do a ship orders for a week or so?…..thank u for your help

  4. Hi, I just got my first boat order. I tried to ask help by clicking the help button on one of the crate, a “?” Mark appeared on that crate, and the help button was gray out but that crate is not on the dock! So I cannot get any one to notice that I need help on the boat order. Do you know why the crate is not on the dock? Thanks.

  5. The dock can be repaired on level 16.

  6. My mistake, my friend just got her level 17, she confirmed that the dock can be repaired at level 17. Sorry about the confusion.

  7. Please advise me. On the boat ranking my is 1263617. Does this mean I’m in position 1 million 263617. Or does it mean another number as the seven is under the first six figures. Hope someone can explain. Thank you in advance

    • Hay Day Addiction

      Hi Mark, are you looking at the leader board (which is the board that stands next to the River Boat)? there are two tabs, one of them indicates the leader board position relative to your Hay Day Friends and the other one relative to the rest of the World. The number behind your name is the number of points you have acquired. 263 thousand points is quite a lot.. is this the number of points you have?

  8. This is a lie. I filled an entire boat except for one crate. The boat left and I got nothing. This game is beginning to suck.

  9. How we will get free coins

    • Hay Day Addiction

      The only free coins can be found in the mystery boxes. Try visiting other farms and you will find them every once in a while.

  10. I have nothing to sell and I’m trying to save up to repair my fishing boat what should I do??

    • Hay Day Addiction

      Jasmine, you could harvest very often. This usually gives you something extra such as building materials, land deeds, TNT etc. Then, you can sell these at a premium in your roadside shop.

  11. How I will get free diamonds but I don’t get diamonds in mystery box

  12. Help me with my dock lol

  13. l can’t receive coins from boat orders, why?

  14. Docks not yet repair,can’t buy juice maker and yes, got 3crates for fish filets and 3crates of orange juice bottles…but only 3 person can help me to fill up how about those 3 crates ??? Is it possible to send the boat without filling up those 3crates???

  15. Is it better to get your fishing boat and all the machines before repairing dock? This way it will be easier to complete orders. I’m on level 31 and I just saved up enough coins to repair dock but I’m hesitant after reading the troubles others are having.

  16. What use of wheel point

  17. How can you tell how much you will be paid for each crate?
    I need to know if it’s worth the time.

  18. So, I was new and filled a boat that I could not complete. Apparently, don’t do this. What a waste of time. You don’t get your stuff back. I guess you are compensated when you close your crate, but sooooo frustrating

  19. I have only been in Hay Day about 2weeks I played hard and am now at 23 I repaired my dock first I have now loaded 5 boats without a problem. I did have three shipments where I ask for a friend to help the crats were always filled. I don’t have juice machine. When I load a boat all I see are the little square token. I can not remember the name.

  20. I am in level 43 now, and I just release that my boat have 12 crates while others who is in the higher level than me have only 9 crates in their boat, why is that??

  21. Yes does anyone know when the number of crates on each boat increase? Is it by level or boat points or something else? I have 12 while people at much higher levels only have 9.

  22. Do i really need to spend 16000coins to repair the dock? I have 20000 coins im in level 19 and i dont want to spend this for nothing.. thanks for the help..

    • I didn’t repair my dock amd magically one day can’t recall which level the dock repaired itself and the boat arrived. Didn’t pay anything.

  23. I have a problem with my hayday, I try to help others’ boat by filling their crates. But what I received is just vouchers and points. How to fix it so I can get my coin from filling others’ crates. Thank you

  24. I’m not receiving gold for filling my own crates, I can see the +200 or whatever go to my total amount but my total amount doesn’t get any higher. Is this a glitch or is there anything I can do about it?

  25. Boart order coins doesnt add in my main can add it???

    • True….what a waste….spend all the goods and time and money to fill the crates…but only get voucher and score wheel!!

  26. Hi all,
    I just want to share my strategies (sound serious lol) cos i dont find it difficult for me to fill the boat ( i think), i just asked for help once to filled one crate of fish fillet) Im now on my 11th boat to fill in. My thoughts are
    1. I opened mining right when i had the coins for it but i didnt have any coins left to open fishing boat, order boat, ice cream machine and juice machines and i think this was a waste for me bcos my goal here to help me filling those boat, so i think its best to open the mining after we opened all those i mention above.
    2. So the ideal things to open i think, from fishing boat, juice machine, and ice cream machine, and if u have any coins left for both boat and mining then open both of them, otherwise u might just wanna open the boat.
    3. I forget on what level i opened those but i started to left the order board when i tried to collected more coins to open those things. I just sold my products on my shop. I got more coins easier and eventually i move to next level from xp i got from selling at my shop though its a bit slower ( to collect xp) than when we selling products from order board. But the good thing is u dont wanna move to the next level fast because then the order boat will get harder to fill. Note that u already at level when those items are unlocks ( mining, juice machine, fishig boat, and ice cream machine, and of cos order boat).
    4. I think for next strategies after i fill those 12 boat, i will focus more on helping others to fill their boat cos it also help u to open other achievement
    5. If u already have mining i think u dont have to buy all 5 smelter. I myself only got 1. But i think just 2 of it is enough cos maybe if u want to get gold voucher, i think we could get one on finishing metal order from order board. Feel free to delete other orders untill u get those metal order. I got one gold voucher from finishing gold metal order from order board. It usually need 3 gold metal.
    6. Open fishing boat could help u more to get diamonds cos every time u catch new fish u get diamonds and diamonds can help u when u meet difficulties when filling order from the boat.
    7. Other tips on selling products and make space at barn
    After i send my boat, then i know what product needed for next boat, and while i started to produce those products, i usually sell other products that rarely on market and while i also producing them as replacement for those i sold. This way let ur friend and others know that u also sell valuable products and it will increasing ur follower. And when u need more space well just sell more on usual products on market like chili popcorn etc cos u could find and buy them easily on market right when u need them.
    I hope it will help, these are just my opinion to share. And sorry if u dont really understand my thoughts cos well english not my native language. Hope u guys enjoy the game :)

  27. Appreciate your help. Description of process helpful. Would you list some of the boat loads. I filled one boat and stopped to research the regulations. Became overwhelmed. Thanks. Mary b

  28. Hi there, was wondering about this: sometimes a boat leaves when I’m not available to play. If somebody filled a crate and I wasn’t there to send a thank you note do they still get their thank you/voucher? Perhaps in a case like that hay day should put a notification up when you next login to tell you if your last boat was fully filled and if you need to thank anybody

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  30. m at lvl 18 bt still m nt reciving any voucher y is it so

  31. Hi i filled boat ordered goods but coins doesn’t add .I helped others and checked my coins but no I crease.iam totally confused please any one let me know

  32. i cant see product of the others players roadshop….please help me…

  33. I cant believe I found this just now: – you receive free Hay Day diamonds instantly! Best players use this!! (hqvmciS5Et)

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