The leveling system is the system that drives Hay Day’s unlockables and achievements, and generally allows the game to progress and stay interesting. The leveling system is run by experience, which can be gained by selling goods to visiting customers, harvesting crops, crafting, filling boat crates, and completing orders. Experience comes in the form of blue stars, which fills up the experience bar shown at the top-center of the screen. If you click on your level star or somebody else’s level star, you can view your statistics!


Level 2
Hay Day Levels
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Hay Day Levels
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level 49
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leel 59
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Apparently people are playing well past Level 143

47 thoughts on “Levels

  1. Please think some thing to get by the levels – take’s to long time between the levels for nothing

    AND IDEA bring ther more people into the game – workers farmers – raining – bad time – more things to think

  2. Omg I’m level 198 and u have to get 607000 Xp and all you get are diamonds rubbish they should have more stuff and by the way who makes candy on a farm

  3. I would like the visitors to be friendly to each other. Maybe make it look like they talk to each other or wait a bit and walk away to gather. I want to visitors to be nicer to me. Pay a fair price and bring me things I need to make my dreams come true and fill a bout order. What ever happens to love your neighbor as you love your self? I am their neighbor.

  4. I love hay day u play it to hlep me to laren a lot it is a good expeancernc

  5. What do you mean ‘unlock pin’

    H x

  6. I want it have exciting stuff…do something for the level to move faster…make sure we will get lots of diamonds..

  7. hi how does greg get to be 100

  8. Thanks for providing a great game! What about bee keeping and honey making? Bad weather? Gathering the dead wood from old bushes and trees and maybe make firewood or furniture, having a carpenter shop? What about maples and making maple sirup for the pancakes or candies? Lots of other stuff possible.. What about salami from the donkeys ( like bacon from the pigs)? What abiut riding the hirses? Having a common market and riding your hirse there? Being able to have a newsoaoer or bill board with want ads? Etc, etc, etc. Definitely, we need more as the levels go up. Simply getting a few diamonds is not going to cut it. The game gets boring and We will stop playing.

  9. Could we please have something like a swap-meet or sidewalk sale to get rid of seasonal item and decorations that we no longer need. Thank you

    • When you hold a decoration for an extended period of time, like when you want to move it, there should be a little box, and if you click it your item is in storage so that you can take it out next season. Hope that helps!

    • I was just saying that to somebody we’ve got all those decorations at all you can do is store them . should be able to trade them like markers, land deeds xcetera.

      I agree with the other guy we do need a place where we can advertise like a classified ad if we need something we can ask people if they have it. instead of spending hours sleep and you the papers just hoping your run into it. I have 29 neighbors and some of them just don’t have what I need when I need it. I do agree they need to add more production making items cause like you say when you get past a certain whats to do.

      I agree about the town it would it be cool if the fish are on the swings lounged on the beach chairs talk to each other

  10. I was so in love with hay day until I read the posts. I’m at level 25 and already i’m bored. Great concept but the amount of XP you need to level starts getting a bit unrealistic, and with all of these games the developers seem to want them never to end, please set a level and end it there. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running the game to level 100 or 200 whatever and then ending it and giving players a prize for their participation in the game especially if they made in game purchases. There’s a certain amount of redundancy when you play a game up to level 193?….I mean….seriously?!. The fact that you started running out of ideas should have told you it was time to stop. The mind needs a beginning and an end…a goal to work towards. Rethink your strategy and try again. Hay day is an amazing concept that needs fine tuning.

  11. Hay day is a really nice game it’s calming & everything, but we really need some realistic stuff like rainy days, for us to have a bad day at the farm like a machine messed up gotta fix it sorry can’t produce that today the machine is broken come back another day stuff like that would make it more interesting.

  12. 1) allow us to sell decorations; 2) give us another dairy and sugar machine; 3) let people flag their hungry animals so they don’t starve and concerned people can help.

  13. dear sir,
    i am on level 43 and i add another account on my phone than i lost my old level 43.so i want to getback my old level 43 so how to this possible plz help me

    • Just log into the facebook account that it is connected to. Kinda a pain in the bum….but I have to do this frequently. I play and my son plays on my phone. You can have both, but whatever facebook account it is connected to is going to show up. (which frustrates the tar out of me because I want to switch back and forth all the time….so I can play or he can play and I don’t get MY facebook notifications if his game is loaded)

  14. You should make a market for people who want to sell vouchers or decorations of animals not just stuff in the barn. I want to sell my lobsters. Or my nest and fishing gear. I’m at level 49 and it has gotten quite boring. I now you want people to keep playing but adding a few bad things like a rainy day so u can’t go fish or a machine is broken or one of your animals passed away. You should be able to go inside peoples homes and they can decorate it. That would be cool make a carpenter shop and people can make furniture and put it in their house. Have the people that come to your farm they don’t always have to buy? Why can’t they want to sell from time to time. Get buckets of water. Like make a water purifier to clean a bucket full of water and use that for smoothies and ice cream. Make a school close by. You could hire farm help to harvest the crops for you. Don’t make the max amount of items you can sell in your roadside shop make them as much as you want that way it won’t take up space. Make vouchers easier to get. Have horse races and people can bet on them and take chances. Be able to train your horse at a track. Make the pets more interactive. Have them actually do something beside be decoration. And the machines, do a small mini game to get those products instead of just tapping it and you having to wait. This is a very small list of ideas. The game is very fun to play at the begging and I think it was very well designed. It just needs a few tweeks.

  15. Has anyone noticed that Greg is the father or uncle that gave u the farm go to the fishing pond and tap the barn there and go all the way back in the book and then look at Greg’s picture

    • If you buy all Greg’s items everyday they get better.
      At the start of the game I got wheat and corn and boring stuff like that.
      Now I get axes, saws and animal feed along with tomatoes, potatoes and berries.
      But you have to do it every day for the products to get better.
      He even does an occasional butter or cream now also!! :) Hope that helps someone.

  16. You should also let players go to your neighbors farm

  17. What we really need is a tool shed, why are we keeping tools in the barn with food? It would make sense to have a tool shed for all non food items.

  18. I, too, am disappointed that after achieving higher levels, all you can earn are diamonds. Come on! You game designers can do better than that. How about a vineyard, wine making, maple trees making syrup, do something with dead wood…know there are lots of possibilities. Otherwise, will become very boring despite the addition of the town. There is not much in the town except to feed the people that come there. After achieving higher levels, one should also have the option of another sugar mill, dairy, etc. a tool shed would be nice. This game could really stay interesting with more tweaks!

  19. Please help me I have lost my game I was at 64 level .my farm name was angel .and I give u Facebook I’d..naziaasad2010@yahoo.com. plzzzzz help me…….

  20. This game is super cool but there should be ways of getting diamonds at early levels why do people of levels 50+ get the diamonds thats not fair! And like other comments above this game needs a few changings by adding more stuff. :-)

  21. True more stiff needed i am at level 203 and now i am bored we work so hard earning XP and all we get is a few diamonds come on add more stuff.

  22. Hay day tipd anyone i am at lvl 25 need help! How to lvl up fast?

  23. Mt barn is full because of all tools we shuld have a toolvshed

  24. Hello.sir !
    Plese sir help me I am missing my sweet friend I am.following he but I don’t no how can he unfollow plz.helpe find my friend my friend have np fb id farm name ( super mario ) level(103)plz.help.me

  25. I would like a boutique in the village to sell the clothing, blankets and stuff and let us make beachtowels and beachwear in stead of jumpers and winter clothing.
    I want to be able to buy and sell fishing gear or decorations.
    I agree with almost all other suggestions except the rain and broken machines. I hate rain and broken machines.

  26. And some more ideas to make it interesting for higher levels:
    Bees – honey etc
    Horse carriage and let visitors pay for a ride
    Let us sell rings and bracelets in the boutique I asked for
    Thank you thank you if you would make this happen.

  27. My question and that’s if you’re looking at most of the great comments, “my fishing book” there is a Picture on the front page and a piece of it looks of ripped out. Is that suppose to mean that there’s some kind of dispute? You can see Greg’s hand.

  28. 1.I wish they had a winery

    2. They should have a weekly contest like who catches the heaviest fish or who make the most boat or truck orders

    3.In the mine I hope u can actually go in it

    4. There is no seasons like snow in the winter

  29. 1.I wish they had a winery

    5.have natural disasters like floods

    6. Trade with your friends using vouchers

    7.Airplane orders?

    8. A donation box so if u need help with your boat order they donate if they can’t complete the whole order

    9. Well that is up to u

  30. The amazingly inaccurate relative value assignments for products turned me on my ear from the first hour I played. It is increasingly irritating. I’m only level 32 and becoming quite frustrated with the game.
    * NO food item should be valued anywhere NEAR the same as a precious metal. (Did a third grader set these values – or at least it was someone with no concept of economic reality?) Because the smelting of metals is a long process, it makes sense to increase the value a great deal. And then follow suit for jewelry pieces.
    * Inclement weather would be nice. … allow for sporadic rain and then follow that with a short growth spurt so that crops are ready a bit sooner. (I realize that is probably a code-writing headache – but it would be an interesting feature.)
    * Research actual maturation rates of the crops and make their relative in-game maturation rates and prices a reflection of reality.
    * Same idea for cooking. You can grill a burger in 10 minutes, but cheesecake, from start to finish (sellable), requires about 8 hours. Geez. Reflect that in the game and then price them accordingly!

    The thing that is most frustrating for me is that there is no way to “pause” the game clock. Its a nice diversion to have, but my profession requires 8-10 hours of personal appointments with no time to stop and harvest. That makes filling boat orders impossible. If there was even a way to simply “close the dock” until the weekend or consecutive days off from work, that would be a great help.

    I’m not really ready to search for another diversion, but I predict that I will not stay much longer with HayDay as it is.

  31. I think oysters would be good for the fishing area. We could them make oyster stew, oyster Rockefeller and pearl necklaces.

  32. I love the game, and yes I am addicted. I agree with the ideas on here. Maple trees, blueberries, sweet potatoes,cherry pies. The tool shed would be excellent. Real seasons depending on where we live would be great. In winter when it is cold and snowing we could have a green house so we can still grow crops. In the summer put it in storage. Only charge us one time to buy it. Make clothing according to the season, sweaters in summer. No way. Chocolate rabbits at easter for orders. Color eggs for easter. Sell christmas trees. I also like the woodshop, save the wood we chop down. I would like to have a character for us, options to decorate it to look like ourselves. Like hair color, when we visit a farm the owner can actually see us. Love the bees. What happened to the halloween theme? Plus give the horses the holiday theme, a blanket on there back, cats and dogs collars maybe with a bell. Hire me I will come up with tons of ideas. That is only a few I have to offer. Again I am addicted to this game, but a few times I did contemplate deleting, just needs a few more exciting things. The gift shop and the new character in our town was good.

  33. my level 30 ai love you bay bay

  34. I would like to see people visiting my farm. Like maybe have a little people sitting on the bench at my fire I have in front of my gazebo. I do agree we should get more unlocks when we level up. Or more things to buy with those gift cards we receive in the mail. Love the game. Don’t give up on updating it.


    Why can’t you do donations,sell town or boat or fish boat or what ever I’ve just leveled up to 34

  36. you guys take this game too serious lmfao.

  37. Soon to reach level 59 and I agree for the first time it’s not exciting ahead !! Been addicted with the challenge’s of levels but maybe that will disappear very soon. There is so much more, I agree with the above a winery. Indigo should have been Lavender; being the same colour but more product like Soap could be produced. A Soap Machine would be useful like lavender, citrus, latte, berry, cherry, apple, even mango, coconut, almond soap if trees were available. Thinking a herb garden would be great! To produce herb bread, muffins and/or sell fresh to our neighbors and hay day friends. A Waffle Machine would also make heaps of products but if the Hay Day Game Designers are not keeping up with the demand and without the rewards at the levels it will not be a challenge and all farms will disappear sooner or later, so Hay Day give alot more than what is ahead with the levels. Ideas for levels; maybe free amount of trees, saws and axes would help with the recent Nectar Bushes through the higher levels. Farms can have oranges, limes, peaches, apricots its endless. A Tool Shed, what’s a farm without a man or ladies tool shed ! Just a few ideas and plenty more but you really need to keep up with the game!

  38. My mom and I have been addicted to this game for a while now, and we’ve thought of plenty of things to add. 1.) Paint maker- we would be able to make different colored paints to color our barn, house and silo. 2.) Digging site- we could use shovels and other tool to dig up bones and other items. It could be like the boat, you would be sent to a different place. This would allow higher levels to use their expansion items on the sites. 3.) Mine- of course, there is already a mine, but I feel like we should “go into the mine” for example when you clicked on the mine, you would be sent into a cave, and could choose spots to blow up with dynamite and TNT. Sometimes, you could get many ores, and sometimes none at all. 4.) roadside shop and house- I love decorating my farm but find it very frustrating that we can’t move our house or roadshop, maybe be able to choose where along the road out shop goes. 5.) Crops- watermelons, cantaloups, lemons, ect. Just some more ideas, to ensure that the game never gets boring

  39. There should be night and day in addition to the seasons. Wolves and deer can eat the livestock and plants, causing the need to protect your farm in certain ways. Maybe a drought? Maybe the fox birds and frogs can actually have a purpose – Animals just use up your food, can we teach them tricks or ride them or train them to protect the livestock? useless decoration prizes aren’t fun and don’t help – at least the Halloween coffin does something.


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