Tips and Tricks

Mining for Diamonds

  1. Zoom into the mine
  2. Leave the game
  3. Turn on “Airplane Mode”
  4. Go back to your Hay Day farm
  5. Mine with the shovel 2-5 times

If you don’t get any diamonds,  stay in the game until the disconnect appears..  Then leave game and hard close it. Turn airplane mode off – And you still have all your shovels, so you can try for diamonds again.

Once you get the diamond and you want to KEEP IT, you HAVE to go BACK to settings and QUICKLY turn off airplane mode before the disconnect appears. Also, you have to work in small quick batches.. Mine 3-5 times and stop to wait for disconnect.. OR go to settings to turn off airplane and save the games progress.

Yes, it works with TNT and dynamite, but they don’t harvest as many minerals – So it may take longer to get a diamond


  1. Zoom into Tom
  2. Leave the game
  3. Turn the “Airplane Mode” on
  4. Go back to the game
  5. Send Tom for your item

If Tom returns with 7-8 items and you want 9, WAIT in game until disconnect appears, leave and hard close game. Turn off airplane mode in settings – Tom will still be standing and ready to send out again, if he comes back with 9 things, you have to get to settings and turn airplane off before the disconnect.

Mystery Boxes

If you spend diamonds to open treasure chests and you DON’T WANT the item it unlocks, Don’t COLLECT IT, leave the game and hard close. You get your diamonds BACK. And can try again.

How to delete a follower who isn’t playing anymore

  1. Go to their farm and follow them,
  2. Leave the game
  3. Hard close it by double tapping the home button and tapping the – hay day app (or sweeping it upwards for iOS7)
  4. Then go back and UNFOLLOW

if they aren’t playing anymore, then POOF GONE

The Mystery Box is behind my house and I can’t get it

Tap on the twinkling lights that float up…it will open

How do I get rid of the frogs

Purchase a pond and drag the pond over to where the frogs are…they will jump in

When should I get my boat?

Most players you will encounter here will highly recommend getting your dock repaired as soon as you are able. Don’t wait for any machines! The longer you wait, the higher level you will be, therefore, you will have more higher-level items needed for your crates!

IMPORTANT FACT #1: In order to achieve Captain III (as well as the first two awards,) you MUST fill ALL CRATES in all boats until the award is achieved. You cannot let a boat sail without filling…or you’ll be starting over.

IMPORTANT FACT #2: Your boats will WAIT for you to open your game. In other words, if you know your boat is arriving at the dock in 4 hours, but you will be at work soon afterward, DON’T OPEN YOUR GAME! Likewise, if you know your boat will arrive 15 minutes before you go to sleep………DON’T OPEN YOUR GAME! Let the game stay closed, because your boat will wait up-river until you do, even after its designated arrival time. You will have a set number of hours to completely fill all crates, and you don’t want to open your boat until you KNOW you’ll have some time to work on them.


We typically let any sugar, cream or syrup boats sail, without filling their crates. Once you’ve hit your Captain III, you can (and should) do this, too. Those items are always in demand to produce OTHER items, and while people will want to help you, it’s difficult to part with them. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Roadside Stand Tips & Tricks


For those who may be new to the game and need to earn coins. Eggs, bacon and eggs, wool, milk, bacon, sell about 50 coins less than max and they should go consistently.

Any sugars or dairy products will go super fast, always do the max amount. … Pies and cakes, sell at the max amount. The higher level items will usually go fast.

Jams, juices, and ice cream go very fast at top price. Feed will go very fast at top price also.

Goat milk, sell at top price also. Raspberries, blackberries, apples, cherries, cocoa, coffee beans, you can sell at top price or slighltly below and they will also go fast.

Crops that are typically used for feed, sell at slightly below top price. There will be people that fill their machines, realize they’re out and need more.

Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, lavender and pumpkins will all sell at top price or slightly below pretty well. I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t grow a lot of these and just buy them. Me for instance, I only grow tomatoes and buy the rest.

Ore and bars sell extremely fast. Jewelry will also go very fast. While ore and bars aren’t worth much, the jewelry will bring in a nice coin.

Building and land materials go quickly, always max the price.

Shovels, TNT, dynamite, axes, and saws I recommend hanging onto. They don’t sell for much, but if you do sell, always max that too.

Fill up your stand with unadvertised stuff and put the advertised thing at the end…or close to it (on the right, rather than the left). I suggest something that won’t get bought up quickly, like full price bacon & eggs. The idea is you want that item to stick around longer because then the ad will stay up.

Stick around as the shoppers come by. As they buy things up…BACK FILL! Take full advantage of the ad.

Fill your stand and advertise as often as you can. Even if its just wheat. See, people will start to see you as a power seller, so they’ll start stopping by more…following you, etc. more people stopping by = more biz.

I’ve found that the slower selling items do well if sold in LOW doses, (1-2 in a stall,) and GROUPED together in adjoining stalls. People will buy them quick if they need them for boat/truck orders…BUT they won’t buy them if you put 10 of them in one stall. The price SCARES them. Instead, if they see 1-2 at a time,the price low, so they’ll jump on them. Especially if they see three stalls with them and they think. “Hey…I need 3 sets of 2 of those for my crates!

On the flip side…Awesome stuff will sell immediately even if you sell it in bulk for full price. I’ve found that cakes, juice, jam, etc… will sell immediately even if I sell 6-10 of them together for a bazillion coins.

If your store LOOKS pretty, many times things will sell better as well. For instance, I’ve alternated chili popcorn and roasted tomatoes through my stalls, just because it LOOKS nice. Whenever I’ve done that, they sell very fast. So………either group things together in stalls or arrange them so it’s pleasing to the eye.

Another trick, if you’re loading up your store with many of the same item…make sure your advertised item is well to the end/to the right, after many others (ex: you’ve just loaded 7 stalls with 10x wheat…then make the 8th one the advertised one. This means those people who’ve come to buy that wheat will more than likely buy the others first, leaving your ad intact.)

Seems there are three “sets” of ads that will rotate in the paper…

  1. Bacon/eggs
  2. Pretty good stuff
  3. The “Frenzy” stuff.

(The frenzy stuff seems to stay the least amount of time, while mainly bacon and eggs sticks around longer.)

If you advertise the hottest stuff (Barn and Silo expansion items, land Expansion Items, Cakes, Juice, etc…) you’ll find yourself IN the frenzy paper, and people DON’T shop for long in that paper. They just SWOOP in, look for the item advertised and SWOOP out. If you advertise the medium stuff, (produce, muffins, etc.) then you’ll find your ad placed in the medium paper. I personally think this is a good place to be. If you advertise bacon and eggs, you’ll find yourself in the slooooooooow moving paper…which has its benefits, because chances are you’ll have the ad up much longer.


Many people fill their store, then they will “back fill” with cool items. SO, if you land in a store to find something highly desirable BUT it’s gone…stick around a bit! You never know…they may be backfilling and you’ll be staring at 10 Barn/Silo Expansion Items that everyone else missed.

Most people will just check and move on when the ad changes and the “feeding frenzy” begins. That means not many people will wait to see if the store owner is backfilling.

If you have the time, poke around in the paper…don’t just go to the ads for the things you’re interested in. On the contrary, many times the BEST stuff is hidden within!

KNOW YOUR PRICES! Many people will sell things WELL under the top price, because they’re cleaning out their barn or silo or they really need the coins. You can buy low and sell high…………a capitalist’s dream.

Seems there are three “sets” of ads that will rotate in the paper…

1.) Bacon/eggs

2.) Pretty good stuff

3.) The “Frenzy” stuff.

(The frenzy stuff seems to stay the least amount of time, while Bacon and Eggs stick around longer.) When the frenzy hits, if you can afford it, buy up any BEM and LEM you can afford. It can’t hurt, because you can sell it JUST as quickly as you bought it, if you decide you don’t want it. Do it fast, though! They sell fast!!! Sneeze and you’ll miss them all.

Opening more boxes in your shop

You can open boxes by adding more friends and purchasing the boxes for 5 diamonds.

332 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks

  1. do i need to keep land deeds hammers and markers once all my land is open and all fishing areas are opened

  2. What do you mean by “hard close” the game?

  3. Every time I click on fishing area hay day closes. Help!! Just started today!

  4. Can you search other people’s farms somehow?

    • Hay Day Addiction

      No, unless you are friends with them ( through Game Center or Facebook) this is not possible..

    • yes. when you click your mailbox to browse the newspaper, clivk on any item you want to buy. this tajkes you to the farmer’s roadside shop tap the item you want to buy, then click the big red x @ the top right corner of their shop banner, which allows you to browse their farm and open treasure chests, if you wish. you do not have to be friends with them to do this.

  5. How do I get followers?

    • Log into Game Center or Facebook — these are good ways to get followers. Also, advertise what you sell to get noticed. When you ask for help to revive wilting trees and shrubs or to fill boat orders, send Thank You notes. People who help you will be listed in the “latest people who helped” tab — visit their farms, like their farms, buy from their shops, and help them revive trees or fill boat orders.

  6. hi can I have a hack to ipad/ipohne I really suck of buying real gems and money, my devices don’t have jailbreal

    please answer me as soon as u can :)



    • Hay Day Addiction


      I do not have any experience with a hack that would give you unlimited diamonds and money; there is some advertising on the web which promises that result but I cannot say that I have tried it (neither feel tempted to…). Perhaps someone else can give you some feedback.

    • Abhishek Acharya

      Hi, there is a lot of hack tool stuff on the web…but believe me…nothing works. I had tried it and now tired up of getting failed. They would make you to the bloody surveys and you can’t get rid out of it. so don’t waste your time into this hack tool thing…and just enjoy gaming :)

      • Umm we have exactly the same problem. The hack was make tired because it could not work for me!! Help me pls… My hay day is level 16 and I wanna get a lot of diamonds for free :p

        • Just download the app called “app nana” and earn points on the app to get free diamonds for free. And you don’t have to put your name or credit card to sign up. It’s just a username and password. App nana can be found on the AppStore as app joy as well. There are lots of hacks online for app nana and I got 1 million diamonds for free!!!

  7. I’ve not been able to get onto the game for the past few days. I have tried to hard closing the game, switching on airplane mode, switching off the device, everything but everything I open the game it just closes on me. Please help

    • Hay Day Addiction

      Tracey, I recommend to uninstall the game on your iOS device and reinstall it. Your farm is not lost.

      • Hey day is always tricky they put a ad then u have server problem. Or u are earning more then again server fails… That’s really nice game but people will start to get fed up quickly

      • Hi I play hay day around 1 month and now I in level 19. There is a problem when I playing this game,each time I opened by clicking the roadside store which is connect to Facebook, it takes long time and error I means I cannot sell anything in roadside shop. It,s so pathetic. I have tried to uninstall and install again this game but the result is the same..pls anyone who know how to fix it pls inform me immediately..u can send private email to Monique_ret thanks

        • When you deleted the app and re downloaded it did it take you back to the level you were on befor you deleted it?

    • I also had this problem. If you remove HayDay from your device then redownload it putting in your password, your farm will be restored as it was before the problem. Worked good for me.

  8. How to use the fishing net? And is the advantage of using the fishing net? Thanks.

    • Make a net in the net maker, then you collect the net and then click on an empty fishing spot, you drag the net over the fishing spot and then boom the net is in the water, the net does take several hours though but it will pick up three fish and once you get to a certain level you can use the mystery net with gives you fish and can pick up other items such as TNT, shovels, syrup and even diamonds! Good luck! <3

  9. Hay day is really hey you got any money buy expensive coins and diamonds and never have the chance to play or when server is open ready to play there’s not much time cause timing is the cost of our every day life. Production is way too much time. We really have to work in real life to pay for hay day game. But I guess its either game time or real life time to earn money. Games are supposed to be a convenient time to enjoy not waste our reality life …

  10. Just wanted to point out that it appears after yesterday’s maintenance break you can no longer hard close after spending diamonds to open a mystery box, and still get your diamonds back. I just tried it, and 3 diamonds were subtracted from my total even though I hard closed and didn’t claim the item.

    • That’s because the more people advertise hacking and tricks, super cell comes in and fixes it. Your basically cutting out your upper hand. Keep it on the low helps.

  11. Can you make a vid showing how to do it??

  12. Hi, I play Hay day and I know how important are coins and diamonds. Instead of buying them, I use this hack (you can find it by clicking on my name- there is the website) It gave me a lot of gems and diamonds for free. I know there are many people who are searching for something like this, so that’s why I posted it here, to help other people. :)

    • tried it.. backed out before i completed it. before download will work you have to complete at least one survey or purchase something… however when i clicked on one of the surveys (coke vs pepsi) my virus program warned me that it wasn’t a safe page. I always listen to my warnings so i backed out and closed Sabine’s page.

    • Theresa Higgins

      It say user number what is that and where do I find it so I can get money

    • Thank you very much Sabine, it works like a charm. :)

    • Warning to all! Went to many of these sites and did surveys which some were not surveys but took your info and malfunctioned when you came to trying to download. Then the next day someone stole my info from the survey and tried to back into my email account from Brazil.

      They are scams… Don’t do it. If it asks for you to do a survey or accept an offer it’s a scam..


      • Shame on YOU for trying to cheat!
        And, serves you right for giving out your personal information!

        • superMari0Craft1

          Shame on people who try to steal personal info and shame on those who try to cheat. (I try hacks too but I’ve given up on trying, so basically I’m shaming myself). When I first saw an ad that said I could win an iPad for free asked my mom for her e-mail but she said no. I asked her why and she said that there are people who steal information from websites like that. Now that I know I use websites that generate fake info. I enter the info only to find another page tat needs a credit card number, address, and other stuff. I spend minutes trying to put in fake info that works but it took me more than an hour and I still wasn’t done. My advice: Don’t bother with trying to hack. The hacks never work because supercell will probably search “Hay day hacks” or “Clash of clans hacks” on google, look at some stuff, and make updates that make the game immune to the hacks.

  13. “If you spend diamonds to open treasure chests and you DON’T WANT the item it unlocks, Don’t COLLECT IT, leave the game and hard close. You get your diamonds BACK. And can try again.”

    I used to love doing this but as of 10-8-13 this takes your diamonds about every 3rd time you try to do it. Resulting in ultimately not being worth it because i would only accept the box it it were diamonds. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know.

  14. I need land deeds. Fast please

  15. Hello, I’ve played Hay Day for almost 2 weeks and I got addicted :D. I’m now playing at level 24. I got a lot of tapes, and want to get rid of some of them. But I’m afraid I will need them later at higher levels. Will I need them? Or shall I just sell some of them? Thanks..

  16. Deanna, save them you will need them. You can increase your barn & silo up to 10,000 I think..I’m only at 800 & it seems expansion stuff is harder to find & you need more & more for each expansion.

  17. I need nails and screws to increase my silo’s storage, where can i find them??

    • These are randomly given when harvesting crops or picking up items that you have manufactured/cooked. It’s takes a lot of patience to get the ones you actually need.

  18. I have items that say I can harvest in 3 hours but it never happens. I have been being told same thing for a week now. Can this be fixed or are others having the same problem. Mine are with pumpkins and peppers so far. How so I harvest it I’d it is in my barn and not in food area to plant?
    Please advise,
    I am at the level that I can plant them but they do t show up for me to plant!!!!!

  19. I have items that say I can harvest in 3 hours but it never happens. I have been being told same thing for a week now. Can this be fixed or are others having the same problem. Mine are with pumpkins and peppers so far. How so I harvest it I’d it is in my barn and not in food area to plant?
    Please advise,
    I am at the level that I can plant them !!

  20. It seems I can only sell produce at my roadside shop – not manufactured items (like bacon and eggs, baked goods, or knitted things). Is this a higher level thing – I am at 23. Thanks!

  21. What does this mean ( ! ) exclamation mark that’s by the apple trees ? I’m still new at the game .

    • Hay Day Addiction

      Hi Dorothy, the exclamation mark next to trees and bushes means the are being weeded. On friends’ farms Click on them to weed them and get a “thank you letter” in return, or ask friends to weed yours.

  22. need more friends GC: bhenzh

  23. I’ve never seen a post mentioning how you get diamonds by tapping on the fishing book pictures when you reel in a fish. One diamond for the first level, two for the silver, and three for the gold. I found this out purely by accident – nice surprise!

  24. Also, if you use Tom and he is done but holds the ballon telling of his discounts, be sure to pop the balloon when he lets go of it. There are surprises in it.

  25. I want some Land deed. Please help
    Add me on game center : Lolliza^^

  26. is there any way to delete or store sheep pen??

  27. I am trying 2 buy diamonds and the I get the billing server is not connecting. Does any one have the same problem

  28. Add me :) farm name- “The pharmacy” g.c- Tanise72390. Daily player. need friends :)

  29. name axet72

  30. Hi , what does it mean when there is a photo of somebody on the stand at the boat scores ?

  31. How can i get coupons sorry if i missspell

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  33. Add me I play daily and I have what you need in my shop!! The next 30 new neighbors get crops at a discount!!


  34. Can someone tell me some cheats to get LOTS AND LOTS of money plz :D

  35. Plz reply

  36. Plz reply me how get the more coins and diamonds plz I buy things

  37. Can you make a vid showing how to do it??

  38. Harvesting fields will also get you building equipment or land permits etc.
    Plant fields with fast growing crops (like wheat), fill up your silo and then sell really cheaply to make sure they sell fast. Keep filling the store as the crop is being purchased.

  39. Hi;
    I wonder were I can find game center? I want to have followers.

  40. Please add Braelyn14

  41. Must I have a Iphone to get the app Game center (to get more friends?) I just have a Samsung tab…

  42. I really need some tape so i can uppdate the barn. How Do i get it?

  43. I don’t know how to get gems without paying? Help pop? What do I do?

  44. Seriously what do I do

  45. How do u get diamonds without paying for them?

  46. How i can get my level back on my hayday? i reinstall my ipad to ios 7 from ios 5 but after that i lost my level.

    • You can often find some mystery chests and sometimes you can get saws and axes,but sometimes you have to pay 3 gems because it’s sometimes locked. You can also buy axes and saws off other people when they are willing to sell them.

  47. Where do I get saws and/or axes to chop off some of the trees that are all over the place? I can’t seem to find any.

    Sorry I just started today and I easily got addicted :-) I just want to free up some space so I can build more :-)
    -thank you in advance :-)

  48. I have several apple trees and raspberry bushes which are now brown, but don’t have an exclamation mark beside them to ask for help (I have been able to do this with other trees/bushes) but rather just the saw icon is there. Is there a limited time window to ask for help? Are these useless now?
    Many thanks.

    • No there isn’t a time frame. You can just wait until someone helps revive the tree and/or bush or if it’s there for a long period of time and you don’t want if there anymore you can always use an axe or saw to remove it.

  49. Add me on GC: g.gan14
    Daily player level 38

  50. I bought a horse that I DID NOT WANT. Is there a way that I can get rid of him and possibly get my vouchers back?

  51. How i can find my christmas tree son dissappear it…i think he Throw into the trash

    • Hay Day Addiction

      You may have it stored. Click on the “cash register” on the lower-left of your screen, then click on the “flower tab” which is the last of five. Here you see all decorative items for your farm. The Holiday Tree should indicate: “stored: 1″ in your case.

  52. hi! I play Hay day and I’m addicted too.i have a lot of nails and wood panel but I don’t have tape. where can I find it? Please help me who can sell for me. Tnx!

  53. What will happen to animals if one doesn’t harvest the animal products eg just leave the chickens? My stall and barn are filling up with eggs galore!

    • Hay Day Addiction

      Hello Ruve,

      in principle nothing happens with your farm animals if you do not harvest the products. They will just stay there until you do. If you have overstock of eggs, bacon, milk etc you may want to produce items that require those resources (e.g. producing lots of cheese) or alternatively sell them in your roadshop. The first option is usually better because you will increment the production hours of the buildings while getting more expensive products for selling (cheese).

  54. this is not working because when i do aeroplane mode open my game is strat with start.

    • Hay Day Addiction

      Which tip is not working?

      • When we activate the airplane mode the connection is lost hence we cannot continue to play hence none of the tricks are working…I have an android phone

      • I’ve tried using the tom trick and is not working for me because after i zoom in tom then turn on the airplane mode then go back to the game it asks me to reconnect

  55. Hello, thanks for this.

    How does the trading work and where do i get my GC code?

    Thanks in advance!

  56. When we activate the airplane mode the connection is lost hence we cannot continue to play hence none of the tricks are working…I have an android phone

  57. GC: Smalders (level 66)

  58. hai bro what zoom mean in here? klicking? is this work on android?

  59. The popcorn event just finished, and I saw players contributing over 10,000 popcorns. How is it possible to create that many in just a few days??

  60. I don’t get the turning of airplane mode on and off. Everytime i turn off the airplane mode, its disconnected in the internet so whenever I get back to the game, it says connection failed. How’s that?

  61. Abhishek Acharya

    survey..survey…survey….tired of surveys..Can’t you just give a link of that working file without any surveys to download it…

  62. Abhishek Acharya

    Hi frndz…I just got a new trick..if you want others to fill your crates on boat.. Just sell any common item ( e.g.- eggs) at max. price (for 10 eggs-180) at max. quantity. This will help you to get to help on boat from others and achieve captain 3 very quickly. Trust me….I got my all popcorn crates (14 in each) loaded on boat even when the popcorn event ( new year event) was going on!!!!…so by this trick you will never let your boat leave with empty crates inside it. Have fun….. :)

  63. where can I find bolt to upgrade my barn?

    • It’s in one of the red lock boxes! Look in the trees! They like to hide them!

      Add me as your friend!

      Sharon, “Hawthorne Hills”!

  64. My wife and my son have mixed up their two accounts. I don’t know : my wife was used to load her account on my son ipad… And back to my son account.
    Since yesterday, each Game Center account “drive” the same farm… What ever Game Center account is loaded…

    An idea to separate the farm back to two accounts ?


    • I ever had same experience. But when the game asking me if im sure i want to loaded the same game, i will lost the previous game, i confirmed. Now i have the same farm in 2 devices. And there’s no alert or button to bring back my second farm.

    • I have no idea

  65. if i turn on airplane mode, i can’t open my hayday , so i can’t go back to mu hay day and
    Send Tom for my item

  66. Hello,

    I did a factory reset on my phone. I wanted to load my farm from facebook. However I get “You have already authorized Hay Day. I can press skip or ok and i tried both cannot get my farm back. Someone please help.

  67. It doesnt seem, that the Airplane Mode trick is working anymore. It will instantly say, that there is no connection, when I try to enter my game again.

    Tried it on Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Note 10.1 (2014) with the same results.

  68. Please I need friends. Add me to the Game Center it’s cathys10 thanks!!!!!

  69. adgerienne

  70. add me on Game Center username: adgerienne

  71. Add me as your friend on Hay Day! Name is Sharon! My farm is called “Hawthorne Hills”. Please, any advice is appreciated! Im only on level 10 or 11! Im in need of several friends! I’ll help you if you help me!


  72. I need friends. pls. help me

  73. How do you get 2 lobsters in the pool at the same time? You get rewards for this but the pool always says its full when it has 1 lobster in it.

  74. Hi. Im in level 31. Im thinking whether buying a smelter or fixing the mining? How do i get the ore anyway? Does it come from mining?
    In What level i should fix the boat and how to get a lobster? Many thx.

  75. How do i get a box of nails

  76. I cannot login the facebook.if i click the facebook symbol the game closes help pls

  77. To extend my barn I need planks and two other items, I have excess of duct tape, tacks and nails, panels, would you sell these to free barn space that I badly need. If not when do these item come into play.

  78. How can i get diamond i can upgrade

  79. U no that trick about tom and stuff well it doesn’t work because if u put it on aeroplane mode then it can’t connect back onto hay day

    Sorry just wondering if anyone can help

    H x

  80. How can I level up quickly and get more money and xp

    Sorry I really need help

    H x

  81. How do I get more money pL3@$E h€Lp

  82. Yes I am agreeing with mark how do u get more money if there is a specific way

    Thank you

    H x

  83. How do I earn enough money to get my boat?

    • I really need more money please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Keep planting soy beans and sugar cane. Sell them at max price. Fill your crates, they go fast and make big coin. Just keep growing-filling-selling. You’ll get money fast. Good luck.

  84. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.

    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post.

    Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

  85. I made three bags of chicken feed and only got two!!!!! Please help what do I do.

  86. Hi, pretty new to this fun game and need helt to find the bike I just won in the turning wheel. where did it go? Also I won another green heart tree or something, thats also gone.. or i can’t find it. please help me! :) Thanks ! :)

    • Tap on the cash register in the lower left corner and touch the little flower, that is where your decorations are stored.

  87. Marie, click on the shop symbol in the bottom left Corner and click on the flower down the side and go down and you’ll find the bike and it won’t cost u anything because you’ve won it!

  88. Thanks a lot Helena! :)

  89. Just a tip for those trying to earn a lil extra money quickly, especially for lower levels when its pretty rough…. spend some time re-cropping all your field with wheat, over & over & over . Your silo fills up quickly, so fill all of your boxes with 10 wheat for 1 cent to get rid of it. You collect quite a bit of hardware & expansion items pretty quickly, to sell or expand.

    Hoping to see them put out some Valentines decorations to buy soon… this Christmas stuff has to go!

  90. how to get marker stake ?

  91. i search my frends on hey day those who already playing this game…
    2.when i have iphone i download this game in it,at that time i connect it with my facebook account…but after some time latter i uninstall this game…
    but knw i purchase my new mobile and i download it again wich a new account but when i goes to connect with facebook ,the game is nt connecting with it tell me what will i do now

  92. Follow me on instagram @jelloman1234

    Hey guys i’m lvl 26 farmer, I was wondering if somebody is on :if so ill go into further details just say 123 and ill know your on! @_@

  93. Follow me on instagram @jelloman1234

    gagx farm u can search kinda by doing this,>: get their game center and it will add them automatically on hay day

  94. Follow me on instagram @jelloman1234

    FOLLOw me on game center @ 123blubbers123 and u can be my friend on hay day i will help u sell u good items for low price and help with boat orders

  95. hi guys! i am a level 21 farmer. the previous boat order says it needed 64 corns. how can i get the corns? many people sell egg in the newspaper rather than corn.

  96. the boat order says i need syrup and pumpkin pie. how i can get them?

  97. ⭐Starlight⭐

    To Hansen: you make pumpkin pie in the pie oven and make syrup in the sugar mill. Boat orders mostly ask for things at a minimum of about 5 and who knows what maximum, so I would recommend buying stuff from other people.

  98. I find it odd that some food items take longer to make in hay day than they do in real life. Like bacon and eggs, which takes an hour to make in game, but about 10 minutes in real life!

    • takes me an hour in real life jk… i think they do that because they sell for a good coin unlike wheat only takes 2 minutes but not very very profitably.. but i do agree with you juice takes for ever and some of the cakes

  99. I’m new to the game how do I use my tools?

  100. Hello. May i ask how come there were no more carrot pies appearing in my game. That’s because I cannot complete my boat order. Can you help me please? I am a hay day player since december. I am extremely sad. Xx

    From hansen, level 27.

  101. My boat order says that it needed 7 creams but no one sell cream advertised. So how can I get them?

  102. May I ask how come there were no more land deeds and in mystery crates, fortune wheel since level 24. There is someone who sells them but only sometimes. And I don’t have much diamonds to purchases them. Can you tell me how? I am a level 27 farmer. I am so sad.

  103. Game center id: colinhorley

  104. Why do I get only tapes, nails, bolts and small planks but nothing more? I dont think this has something to do with RNG (random number generator) but with some rule that some players get other stuff than other players. For example my friend keeps getting shit ton of screws but nothing more… Has anyone experienced something similar?

  105. Hi friends!
    Want to get more diamonds on Hay Day?
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    ps. just works on Safari for iPod, iPad and iPhone!
    ps. the gift cards only work on US account. If you dont have change it on App Store, easy!

    Any question, just ask! :)))

    Hope to help you all! Its genious and easy

  106. i have droid so will the same tips work on mine such as the shovel trick and etc.. because i dont have the home button like iphone etc..

  107. ERIK
    i have same issue i get bolts, nails, and planks, nothing else as such as land permits i get on stakes and mallets no deeds at all. if i was you have another device and play on it than that account could possibly get the opposite what Ur main get that what i do and helps alot.. my alternative account get land deeds like crazy and the other materials i need too..

  108. I have hay day on my iPad and works fine, but now I have a samsung note 3 and it won’t connect to my farm through Facebook so I can continue with my farm. My partner has a samsung tab and that will not connect to Facebook either. We have connected to google+ but can not be friends. PLEASE HELP COZ ITS REALLY ******* US OFF!!!! LOL…….

  109. Bacon rules :) add me

    Every time I go to the chatroom it just send me back to my home screen and I can’t chat

  110. I am facing the same problem with my samsung tab (can’t connect to facebook) someone plz advice as it is becoming very frustrating?????

  111. Can you please explain how the boat works and how do you earn and collect money when you fill all the crates?

  112. I have completed many orders. But if i sell one the other completed orders are gone. How can that be? How do i get tnt?

  113. I used to buy diamonds for this game until a friend told me about the Hay Day Hack from here: Hay Day Hack It really helped me and I hope it will help you too. It also gave me coins and doubled my experience.

  114. Can i sell my popcorn pot

  115. I always send thank you notes when someone helps me but I never get any when I help others. Are they not sending them or do I not see them?

    • The mailman delivers them once a day. Click on your mailbox and hit collect all. Sometimes they come with gift cards, which is what you use to purchase packages. You can only get a max of 5 gift cards per day. So you can get a whole bunch of thank you cards and only receive 5 gift cards

  116. I need Friends Add me @ TechnoGeniu$ will help im level 26 close to 27 need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Would love more friends to expand my shop ….. Suziespost on gamecentre

  118. Heh! So silly! Why there are no more no more popcorns appearing in my game since the start of march!

  119. Hey Someone Please Help Me on diamonds i dont like the boat my name is generous farm

  120. Where it says ‘friends that need help’ how do you help them? And how do you need help?

  121. Hello

    I am Playing the hay day in my iphone and i want to move my account in my note 3.How to do this?

  122. Can u ask other people for things?

  123. I want to delete some stuffs from my farm. How i can do so.

  124. Im on level 34 and can’t make pizzas, am I doing something wrong?
    How do you make popsicles?

    • You need the ice cream maker to make Popsicles. It costs 42,195 coins. For the pizza click on the ○ that has arrows to switch to the next page of products. It is made in the bakery.

  125. Kan iemand helpen om aan roze kaartjes te komen ik moet dat paard hebben :)

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  127. Visiting customer Betty’s disturbing! I don’t want to sell goods to her anymore!!!

  128. What happened to my retriever? I found that my retriever is quiet!!

  129. Sachin Agrawal

    What is airplane mode?

  130. In order to change my farm into a new program, I’m doing maintenance on it (I mean not you). I hope no one buying goods from my roadside shop and no visiting customers come to my farm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  131. The hold thing does not work I use apple when it makes it close but it does not work

  132. Should I open the mine or buy a juicer? I have orders for both which I can’t fill. Thanks in advance!

  133. if you need 1.000.000 coins add me on facebook: hay day ssaa

  134. I have a question.
    Last christmas I purchased a lot of items ( christmas tree, snow man, a few frozen ponds etc.) and now I can’t find any of it!

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get it back because it took a lot of gems and money and I’m quite angry. Thx

  135. My barn and silo is full but I don’t have any equipment to upgrade it. So, i stopped and deleted the game. I am a level 32 farmer.

  136. This is superb… But is there no other way to produce things faster?? I m really bored waiting n waiting… :(

  137. If you can’t use diamonds to speed things up, learn patience! Good things come to those who wait.

  138. Your trick for getting Tom to get your stuff for free doesn’t work. At least not on
    A Xoom tablet.

  139. Ow do iget my land cleared asap without spending money coins or diomands

    • I cleared the entire land in 48 hours using tom (some 12 times sending him for all needed things) when he was available free for 3 days.

      Probably if you missed that will need to wait for them to drop or newsletter

  140. thaks for the better compilation of tricks for this game, i try the trick of mining for diamonds and works

  141. Reagan loves the web it’s awesome thanks, who ever made it rocks

  142. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

  143. Add Me GC: jgray914
    Lvl 60, daily player
    neighborhood (must be lvl 50 to join): Offgasser

  144. How to get more mallets ..?

  145. I have this game on my ios ipod device but i just downloaded the game on my desktop and was wondering if i could “follow myself”. I know if you go to another person’s farm, you can click on the flag at the top of the screen and follow them but how can i find my farm (which is on another device) and friend it.

  146. i have max space for my barn and silo already so i want to know if anybody would like to buy them of of me daily whenever i get them. i Will post my game-center just in case some one wants them. just a warning i usually sell the barn stuff for full price i think i have around …. maybe like 46 bolts f anyone wants them just add me and check my shop everyday. GC = TechnoGeniu$

    • Omg Thanx Conner for those 40 bolts i never thought that i would get those for my barn cuz’ i need so many thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yo, omg thanx for the 12 lobster tails on my boat, Conner i thouyght i was screwed and i was one away from the captain lll !!! thankx so much i love you need aything, anything, anything at all. just tell me Conner thnakyou thankyousomuch

      • No Problemo!!! i used all my 600 diamonds but you are on my friends list and so that’s just what i do! because i’m not the right level for the lobster tails so I just used diamonds!!!

    • Conner how do I add you? I’m level 40 something. My farm b a me is “B’s Farm”

  147. ya i noticed that you were only a level 31 so you had to use diamonds

  148. how do I add friends?

  149. How can I log in with my Facebook and get more friends? I’m kind of new in this game..
    Please help me

  150. I every time used to study paragraph in news papers but now as I am a user
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  152. mighty miners is the neighbourhood name add if you b like to mine

  153. Guys add me on gamecenter scarloot11 play everyday I’m in need of land deeds etc

  154. Is anyone else having trouble getting neighbors? Every time I want to join I get a message that says, “You already belong to a neighborhood”. Therefore, I have zero neighbors.

  155. Having problem with the lobster trap, it go disappear once ready at Net Maker. Do anyone facing same problem with me? How to fix this?

  156. add me on my neighbour hood for free jams i have 27 that i need to get rid of.
    the neighbour hood is mighty miners.
    and my gc= TechnoGeniu$.

  157. What is lobster pool? 1st time 39000 coin to open 2nd time 52500 coin, then 3rd time 63500 for upgrading. What is this? It is more complex to arranging the coin

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  159. quick question, so I watch the movie ad where it promises me i will get a diamond as reward, but I did not get the ‘claim reward’ option. Anyone else having this problem?

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  166. Ive just unlocked the mine and made some bars, what exactly do you do with the bars??

  167. Have to say the thing with the planks? Selling them in a new slot to get coins etc useless, it doessn’t work and now I have lost the planks as well thanks

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  170. Thank you so much!!

  171. SwaggyMcSwagginns

    Anyone with extra expansion or building items lemme know. Also, anyone wanna start a neighborhood together?

  172. SwaggyMcSwagginns

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  177. Can u tell me some ways to decorate my farm

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  192. how can i follow anyone on the game.. it says all slots in use.. i tried following a new comer leveled 12 and all slots in use, i dont get it.. am on level 45

  193. i need help with my farm i am level 15

  194. i need help with my farm i am level 15 and yah email: teyac@hotmail


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  197. I really want tom but I don’t have enought diamonds to get hime back. What do I do? Is there any sort of hack?? PLEASE HELP Haydayaddiction. Tom is really useful but 15 diamonds for a day! No way.

  198. I am @ level 36. With every level jump, certain things are made available, with usully vegetables given x 3 to the vergi section. That’s it, I cannot grow those items, ie: tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkins, etc. I see other people growing these things that are levels below me. What’s up w/this??? Also, items made in the bakery & pie oven I’ve had the same thing happen! Any input would be much appreciated.

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  208. Hello,
    When I decide to cancel a sale on my stand why don’t i get the items back in my inventory? Sometimes I want to cancel the sale to fill a boat order or truck order and I lost the items entirely.
    Thank you.

  209. One more question…how do i change the name of my stand? It has a iPad set-up name and not my farm name anymore.

  210. I Can’t Login Facebook

  211. plsss help i want to know how to get fountain statue

  212. im on level 60 but not lucky to have mystery large packege statue plsss nees some help if you know some trick

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  214. This game is awesome


  215. The hack with Tom took 60 of my diamonds
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  216. Y can’t they make a sawmill for axes and saws???? So limited it’s annoying and have Tom run after expansion supplies

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